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Jackson & Bandit now reserved


5 months


Male & female


Black & white & Black







Good with Children

Calm older children

Good with other Cats

Older friendly cat

Good with Dogs


Jackson was born outside and Bandit indoors. Jackson was brought into the rescue along with his mom and remained very clingy; so he was timid for some time. Bandit was found alone on a large industrial estate at a very young age, but it was clear she was very used to human contact and cuddles, we can only assume she was sadly dumped or abandoned. These two were teamed up and the perfect friendship began that is getting stronger by the day. Bandit is absolutely hilarious, a proper little princess who confidently wanders around strutting her stuff looking for play and adventure. Action Jackson is very gentle and still rather shy about being touched, however lately is enjoying being stroked on the back and sticks his little bum in the air. They chase each other around the house and they love play time with their fosters so will be looking for new owners who are prepared to play with them to continue to bring out the best in both of these little ones. We know little Jackson will be a few steps behind Bandit when they move on, so for this reason a small spare room that can be their starting place, and safe space is essential to ensure Jackson continues to progress with his trust in us humans. He is used to having his own little room where he can retreat to when he needs. Bandit is stunning, eyes like saucers, and one white unique whisker..Jackson is a typical mini Felix. Both have amazing personalities, and enjoy being in your company. They have great appetites, and Bandit is especially curious about what we eat be prepared for company at the dinner table. We feel a home best suited would have older children rather than infants, an older laid back cat (if already cat owners) Overall lots of fun and love to be had with this amazing duo, they would be the purrrrfect addition to the right home. Available end January, fully vaccinated and neutered. xx

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