About SCRT

We are a small group of like-minded cat lovers who joined together in August 2018 and formed SCRT. We are a purely voluntary self-funded rescue and we work in our spare time around work and family commitments to trap and rescue any (and we mean ANY) cat that seriously needs help. We strive to ensure any cat in need gets the best chance at the best life and we work with other rescues and organisations to ensure that in the event we can’t accommodate a cat, that we can utilise the partnerships we have to get the cat the care and vet treatment it needs.

Please note that we are here to help stray cats who’s lives and futures depend on us. If you are looking for help to re-home your own cat then please contact one of the many other Cat rescues in and around the West Midlands. There is a comprehensive list of all rescues listed by region on a great website called www.catchat.org

Please visit our page to see all our cat rescue stories and for updates of any of our foster cats. We rely ENTIRELY on donations to provide essential care for our foster cats – as we are strictly a volunteer non-profit organisation. Thank you for your support. We operate in the Birmingham and Wolverhampton areas only.

Ways to donate to us

Thank you so much! 💪🏼🐱🐾❤️

Who is Maximus?

A charming old gent who we only had the pleasure of knowing for 8 weeks. A street cat ignored for too long. A cat who never got the chance to show his true self and his huge level of interlect until the last 8 weeks of his life.

Maximus was like no other. His character, his charm, his hilarious ways & his sheer determination to get through even the hardest of days was something for us all to learn from. Maximus bought thousands of people together. Maximus made people stand up and help stray cats just like him.

Maximus has made people ACT. Maximus and his legacy must continue, so he can look down and watch hundreds of lives be helped in memory of him.