Adoption Policy

Adoption Policy

We pride ourselves on finding the best homes possible, so please ask yourself the following questions: (this isn’t to put you off, this is to make sure you are certain you are ready to adopt).

Can you commit to a cat for life?
A cat can live for 20 years, are you in this for the long term?

Do you have a safe, clean, loving environment for the cat to live in?

Are you in a position financially to provide for the cat?
Decent food, cat litter, regular flea and wormer, yearly vaccinations, and vet bills as and when needed?

Do you live away from ALL busy roads?
Safety is a huge consideration for us.

Do you have safe outdoor access?
We don’t rehome indoor cats unless there is a specific reason for this. We expect all adult cats to be kept in for at least 3 months, and kittens until 1 years of age. We also ask you have a cat flap fitted, a window open the cat can access at all times, OR a suitable outdoor cat house so they are never stuck outside in bad weather.

If you have other pets, or children, will they be okay with new arrivals?
Dogs must have been cat tested prior to contacting us. We do home to families with children, but we are selective. We will only home to families we can clearly see that the parents will teach the child to fully respect the cat and never be left unsupervised with them.

Do you own your home or is it rented?
If you rent we will need to see written proof of permission from your landlord that you are allowed to have pets. Without this we are unable to let you adopt from us.

Do your working hours allow you the time to settle a cat in?

Are you able/happy to keep a new cat indoors for 3 months, or a new kitten indoors until it is at least 10 months of age?


The next step is for you to decide whether you are looking for an adult cat, a kitten, or a pair of kittens. Please bare in mind, we will only home a kitten on its own if there is another friendly cat in the household.

Standard adoption fees

  • £50 with vaccinations and microchip
  • £75 with everything

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