Sweet girl


Could you offer Martha the special home she needs?

Martha came into rescue with her 4 kittens back in June after being found living in a derelict garden. Martha was extremely skinny and had given everything to raising her 4 kittens.

At that time she was focused on being mom and she did a wonderful job! After her kittens left a few month ago Martha came into her own and has almost reverted back to being a kitten herself!

Martha is extremely loving, she loves fuss and is very chatty!

Martha also LOVES to play! Her love of fuss and playtime do sometimes conflict and she isn’t sure if she wants fuss or to zoom around the house!

Martha needs an understanding home as she can become overly excited and get carried away when playing. In doing this she can (gently) bite or use her paws to play. She has NEVER drawn blood and she is most certainly not nasty about it, it’s done in a loving way because she thinks she is playing an you want to play! 🥺

In addition to the above, Martha needs to be an only cat. Whilst she has her own room, Martha is currently sharing a home with 4 other cats (to include Frodo and Sam who are desperate to be her friend!). This means Martha is not entirely settled here and does present as anxious sometimes as a result. This will be having an impact on her behaviour and so its entirely possible once settled in her forever home the biting may stop.

Martha is desperate for a home to call her own 💖

She will need to a home with no other pets. I do feel Martha would love a home with older children to keep up with her playful nature BUT they will need to experienced with cats!

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