Rhea now reserved

Beautiful girl


8 years




Tabby (Bengal)




To be arranged



Good with Children


Good with other Cats


Good with Dogs

Not tested but maybe

Rhea was posted on Facebook free to good home after her elderly owner had to move into a care home and the family couldn’t keep her. She was homed very briefly in 2 new homes but didn’t settle. She was collected by a fosterer from SCRT to keep her safe. There was another cat in the same room and she was extremely upset and vocal, and not eating. She is very territorial, and is very scared of sharing her space with another cat. She is now in a foster home (3 weeks) where she has settled. She loves attention, is very affectionate very playful and inquisitive. She has obviously been a lovely companion and would be again. She loves strokes and responds with purrs, head bumps and chats back. She watches out of the window and meows goodbye, and hello when you return. We have gained her trust and she has sat on our lap and allowed us to pick her up now. She is gentle with the children, 8 12 and 15 and enjoys strokes and playtime. There is a cat in the Foster home which although kept separate, is preventing her from totally relaxing and settling. She definitely needs a home where she is the only cat and probably the only pet and can be loved and adored. She loves to explore her surroundings and expresses herself with loud meows.

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