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Percy now reserved


2 years approx




White & tabby




To be arranged



Good with Children

Over 15 years

Good with other Cats


Good with Dogs

Not tested

Percy came into the care of SCRT as a very scared stray, she gave birth to 2 gorgeous kittens who she loved very much. Her kittens have now been re-homed so she’s now also looking for her forever family. Percy is only approximately 2 years old and has likely never been in a home. She’s a very quiet and shy girl so we’re looking for a calm and patient home where Percy can do things at her own pace. She is happy to approach humans but isn’t comfortable having fuss just yet, understanding and patient humans will be able to gain her trust and see her progress as she lets her guard down and enjoys the comforts of a loving home. Percy loves to play with toys, her favourite is a feather which she loves to chase around. We always find her on her cat tree looking out the window or snuggled up in the hammock part. She happily approaches people and will sit down next to you but isn’t comfortable being stroked just yet. Percy would like a home where she can explore the outdoors in the future so a home away from busy roads would be best. She would enjoy the company of other cats but we feel a home with no young children would be ideal as she’s still quite nervous

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