Izzy & Ivy now reserved

Playful girls

Here come the diddi monsters 😁

Izzy and Ivy are approaching 13 weeks but the growth spurt was off for a few weeks so we are more like tiny 10 week olds.

But don’t be fooled by the small statue, their personalities are almighty.

The girls are super confident and always up to no good, heads straight in to draws, boxes, bags, you have to have eyes at the back of your head with these two 🤣

And after all the running around and causing havoc, Izzy loves to perch on your shoulder while Ivy will have a firm spot on your lap purring like a tractor.

They will certainly fit in to any home, cats, dogs, children (over 8 though as the girls are very small) the more the merrier as they certainly have the energy to burn.

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