Felix now reserved

Pretty girl

Felix, who was found living in a colony in an elderly ladies back garden, was lucky enough to be the only female rescued who was not pregnant. She is a timid little lady who spent her first month in Foster hiding away. She slowly started to show her face for food at night, but only ever in the dark. Eventually after a couple months in rescue she started to come out and play with toys and now steals anything she can and hides them under my bed, toys, teddies, socks and scrunchies!! She is a very playful girl but still needs a patient home with a family who are willing to show her what love is and that people aren’t as scary as she may think. Felix is very fond of cats her own age and up, she’s not a fan of kittens as she becomes quite scared and grumpy around them. She has fallen in love with our own female cat, who is Felix’s age and almost identical to her. So if you have a little chilled out friend for her she’ll be happy as Larry!! 

Felix must be kept indoors for 6-12 months unless you have a catio or cat proofed garden.

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