Claus & Robin

Lovely friends


Claus came in as a scared, feral boy who we were struggling to win round. We decided to let him explore his neighbours pen which had a group of 10 month old kittens in it….

Miraculously, this worked an absolute treat at building confidence in Claus and he now enjoys a fuss and being with his new friends.

Claus is particularly close to Robin, she is a timid 10 month old girl, but her confidence is building as she sees Claus enjoying a fuss.

Claus is around 5 years old, he is a big fluffy cuddle monster who loves treats and likes to play with ball toys. Whenever you walk in, Claus and Robin are together 🥹❤️

Robin came from a horrific trapping job months ago, so is still learning to trust this world. They really are a lovely pair, and both in full health. ♥️

Please don’t let them sit here months on end!

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