Angel & Morjon available from November

Beautiful pair

Available from November

Angel and Morjon were both rescued along with their kittens. Morjon came in to our care in December 2020 along with 4 little ones, but then graced us with another 6 babies in February. She was scared and protective when she arrived and continued to be that way until Angel joined us with her little ones in May. However it wasn’t until Angels babies moved on that the true magic happened. Angel was previously up for adoption alone, but after we saw this beautiful friendship forming, we knew they had to stay together.

Angel is a cuddle bunny and was obviously previously owned at some point; Morjon isn’t a cuddle bunny yet, but has lots of potential and will happily be in your presence when she trusts you. Each day she is learning more about trust with the help of Angel. These little ladies love to chat to one another, run around together, rub faces, and entwine their tails; its just so warming to see. Morjon who wasn’t interested in any interaction now instigates playtime, favourites so far are the feather stick and the laser pen, and of course the valerian cat nip.

The girls have been used to their own large foster room with a window catio for quite some time, so we are looking for a home that can replicate this as best possible. i.e a good size room with a window to call their own initially that can house everything they need to start them off comfortably so they can settle with ease (the girls come with a couple of cat trees they have claimed in foster). A special home is required for these two moms, who have had it tough, and will naturally appreciate a child free, relaxed environment to enjoy their new lives together. These two beauties will be happy having their new home all to themselves or we feel they would be fine to live with another friendly male cat after careful introductions.

The girls are young and healthy they would like to enjoy the outdoors again once very well settled as they love rolling ground in the sunshine, so no busy roads please. These two are just adorable and after just a few months they will pull at your heart strings and will be a huge part of the family.

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