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Lil & Taz


1 year & 5 months


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Lillith (lil/lilly) is looking for a super special home along with her little buddy Taz (Formally hope)
Lil came to us super scared and timid and completely feral. She has come such a long way since she came into foster and I’m super proud of her! She is the most well behaved cat I have ever known, never scratched anything but her post, always uses her tray and is just the absolute purrrrfect cat you will ever meet.
She is still very timid so will need a home that is understanding and willing to work with her and leave her to come round in her own time and on her own terms….but I promise she will be SO worth the wait!
She adores other cats and loves to chase and play with any cat.
Lil doesn’t like to be touched yet. She will come out and play and even sleep infront of us in the living room and will stand by her food bowl and wait to be fed but touching is a little out of her comfort zone at the moment, she will, however, let the kids stroke her.
I have no doubt with the right people she will quickly gain her confidence and become a beautiful,loving little girl.

If you have followed Taz’s story (hope) you will remember he was very poorly when he was a tiny little feral kitten, his bowl kept prolapsing when he went to the toilet and was very poorly…after a major operation he is as good as new 👌
Hope was renamed Taz to suit his personality. Taz is such a wonderfully funny ball of life and a total cuddle bug! He will spin round in circles for hours trying to pin down and kill his tail, he adores Lil and loves to play chase with her! He is just wonderful 😻 he loves kids, cats, any human and any cat! 

Neither lil or taz will have their injections. I don’t want to stress lil out by going to the vets twice before she leaves because that will set her back a long way and I do not want to make her nervous being crated and more stressed for her new home.
Once lil has settled it with her new family we feel it would be much less stressful for her to be taken then.

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