The H Team, looking for homes in pairs

Beautiful siblings looking for homes in pairs.


DOB 21/6/23


1 boy & 5 girls









Good with Children


Good with other Cats


Good with Dogs

Yes with cat tested dogs

Dry Food

Royal Canin kitten

Wet Food

James Wellbeloved Kitten or Royal Canin ID


Breeder Celect

Harris & Hilda have now been adopted. Harlow, Heidi, Hattie & Hettie are still looking for their forever homes.

Kittens kittens kittens. They came to me at the end of August all scared babies that knew nothing other than to hiss at the sight of us. With time love patience and food we’ve won round 5/6 of them.

Harlow – stunning little lady who’s discovered just this week that fuss is a wonderful thing and she’s happy to be stroked now.

Heidi – also very sweet and affectionate happy to be fussed and enjoys a treat

Hattie – still a little on the shy side but I’d say within the next week I’ll have won her around. She’s come the furthest with gaining trust, in the early days of her being here she really hates us…..really! Now she’ll come over when we enter the room and is so close to accepting fuss.

Hettie, Hettie, Hettie, Hettie, this might be a battle I hand over to you, she needs constant human interaction to be won around I think. Again she’s improved massively from hiding in the smallest space to coming over to us at food time.

None of them are particularly bonded but they do need to go in pairs so they have a play mate. If you want any more info/pics/videos please feel free to ask, foster Emily will happily fill in any gaps.

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