Beautiful girl

Skarla came into SCRT care after being found living in a wall with her 3 kittens (who have since found lovely homes). Skarla spent some months at Maximus Meadows and gained the trust of volunteers, but was not progressing so she came into foster to see how she adapted to living in a home. Whilst living in foster she fell in love with my cat, JJ, learnt to play and began to understand that humans aren’t so bad. Sadly JJ died after a short illness earlier this year: Skarla misses him very much and is in need of more cat friends.

Skarla is very clean, uses her litter tray perfectly, and very is quiet. She loves her toys and can be quite cheeky – recently she’s been caught taking things out of the washing basket to play with! She will need a home with a lot of patience as she is very slow at trusting people. A home with friendly cats is a must – she adores playing with other cats and if they’re boys even better as she loves to flirt! She would need to be kept indoors or given access to a catio / cat proofed garden – given her lack of trust in people she probably wouldn’t return if allowed to roam outside. She’s unlikely to ever be a lap cat, but does enjoy licking lick-e-lix off fingers and eating as many Dreamies as she can!

Hopefully someone can offer Skarla the puuuuuuurfect home

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