Romeo & Juliet

Bonded pair

Romeo & Juliet are timid cats looking for a special, understanding and patient home…

Now I have arrived at your home, everything is strange and I don’t feel good.
Do not feel impatient if I don’t sleep in my new basket. Yesterday I slept in the dirt.
Do not be terrified if I gobble up my food. Yesterday I had to do it to survive.
Do not get angry if I pee on your floor. Yesterday it did not matter.
Do not be sad if I am afraid of your loving hand. Yesterday I did not have one.
Have patience with me, it’s your world but not yet mine.
If I trust you, I can give you the greatest gift I have to give. MY HEART.
All I need is a bit of time to adjust.

Romeo is very nervous around humans. He used to hide under the sofa constantly, but will now come and sit in the same room as you as long as you don’t scare him. He is not ready for human contact yet, but is starting to sniff at hands before moving away. Romeo has got the most gentle personality when around other cats and will watch them play. It’s as if he doesn’t quite understand the concept yet, but the look in his eyes shows that he’s desperate to find out what it’s all about. This is also is apparent when he watches the other cats receive human fuss and love.

His wife, Juliet is the braver of the two and is always looking out for Romeo. They will sit and snuggle together on sofa for hours on end. Juliet also used to hide away from humans. Although she still isn’t ready for human contact yet, she is now more confident and will just suddenly appear behind you (normally when there is food involved!!!). She has also mastered the art of playing & will quite happily have a run around with a toy when she thinks you’re not looking. As she is the boss of the relationship, she is also more confident around other cats.

Romeo & Juliet would definitely have a story or two to tell…. They have spent the first years of their lives surviving together as street cats. They have been parents to many litters before being rescued. Their final litter were born under SCRT and have now all moved on to their forever homes.

Romeo & Juliet now deserve their final chapter. Their ‘happy ever after’. As they have always been used to being outdoors & have access to a catio in their foster home we feel that their new home needs a secure catio that is attached to the house so they can continue to enjoy some fresh air. With Romeo being FIV+ a catio is the perfect solution for them to enjoy outdoor time. This is now their time to thrive and to enjoy life in their forever home. All they require is time, patience and love.

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