Nelly & MuMu

Bonded pair

Nelly & MuMu are timid cats looking for a special, understanding and patient home…

Now I have arrived at your home, everything is strange and I don’t feel good.
Do not feel impatient if I don’t sleep in my new basket. Yesterday I slept in Mthe dirt.
Do not be terrified if I gobble up my food. Yesterday I had to do it to survive.
Do not get angry if I pee on your floor. Yesterday it did not matter.
Do not be sad if I am afraid of your loving hand. Yesterday I did not have one.
Have patience with me, it’s your world but not yet mine.
If I trust you, I can give you the greatest gift I have to give. MY HEART.
All I need is a bit of time to adjust.

Two beautiful little ladies looking for a patient and understanding forever family that will give them time to come into their own …

Where do we start with this crazy pair! 

Nelly and MuMu came to us at around 5 months old after being born on the streets with no human contact. 

They both require a patient family (more so MuMu) who will allow them settle in to their forever home and not rush them or expect them to be loving right away. 

Nelly is the slightly more crazy kittie, who is intrigued by most things that make noise or move, and she loves watching water. She is a fun, cheeky adorable little whippet girl during the day and loves waking you up in the morning by climbing on you and staring with her big beautiful round eyes. Once she trusts you, she will let you pick her up, hug and kiss her. She is growing into such a funny little lady. 

Mumu is the more reserved one of them, and loves to watch from the side line until she susses out what is going on. Mumu is scared of hands but allows us to be face to face/ kiss her little head when she is lying down and settled. She tends to bat hands away if you do try and stroke her (but in the cutest way and never with any claws). She is very food motivated and takes treats out of your hand.

She also loves to take socks and play with them, I often come down the stairs to a few of them lying around! She also has a tiny black smudge on her head.

They both love watching the world go by whilst sitting in their cat tree and are always play fighting. We often hear them running around and surprising the other by jumping on them from around a corner.

Both little ladies have feline calicivirus, which is very common. Nelly shows no symptoms, where as MuMu can sneeze from time to time.

They have been treated for Gingivitis.

These two have been such a delight to care for whilst we find their forever family. 

Seeing them being absolutely petrified at the beginning to sitting next to us on the sofa just minding their own business makes our hearts burst.

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