Kevin, Perry & Harley

Bonded Trio

Hello, we know this is a really big ask but we really want to stay together as we are a family, we were part of the colony rescued from behind a garage so we have been together and looking out for eachother for as long as we know.
Harley is about 5 and is very timid, he is bought out of his shell by Perry who is more confident, loves kisses and fuss so Harley knows that this is ok, Kevin is the younger of the trio, he is a little timid but loves a fuss, Perry is around 4 and does seem to take on the role of the protector of the group, he comforts Harley and Kevin and reassured them if they are unsure. They love to play together and to curl up together, they are quite literally to most amazing and adorable trio and firm favourites with the volunteers.
If you can find room for this trio the rewards will be endless and the fun you will have with them will be worth it.
Please apply, fees and home checks will apply, they will need to be kept in for a minimum of six months to get used to their surroundings, please no busy roads or they will need a catio or cat proof garden.

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