Francesca now reserved

Beautiful friendly girl

Little Francesca appeared in a gully with her three tiny kittens in January, they had no place to call home but managed to find a shed for shelter and some kind people to feed them. Franny became pregnant again and gave birth to another 4 babies, so now there were 7 little ones to care for. Fortunately her feeders kept an eye on her and her family and tried relentlessly to get them some help. Finally we heard the SOS and she and all her kids were brought into safety. Franny has had a wonderful time in foster with Kelly and her lovely family. She’s made great friends with her cats and dog, and of course the cat loving gentle children. At only 2 years old Franny is very friendly and content and is now embracing her carefree life. She’s young, playful, friendly, good with other friendly pets and loves her food, especially hot roast chicken. She love the outdoors and the sunshine, so would enjoy a safe little garden to explore. Do you have a little space in your heart and your home for little Francesca? She is one purrrrrfect cat to be around!! Thank you xx

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