Handsome boy

Clive (Mr handsome)
I’m Clive, I came into rescue as a general cat, it has taken me a long time to trust anyone but I have now realised that I love being tickled on my head and under my chin, I love to be brushed and have lots of kisses, I will put my paw out to tell you to carry on tickling if you stop! I have turned out to be a love bug.
I am a big boy, over 6 kilos but I am still a little timid at times and can be a bit nervous of new things but I am a gentle giant.
As I have been found to be fiv positive I am looking for a home to be an indoor cat or have a catio or cat proof garden where I don’t have to go wondering off ever again.
If I have a place in your heart please apply, home checks and adoption fees apply.

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