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We’re searching for a special forever home for a very special boy, big boy Buster. Buster came into the care of SCRT as a very scared stray with a nasty bite wound on his neck. After a month of love and care, he’s all healed up and is soaking up every bit of love and attention he gets from his foster human. In the past Buster has never had to trust humans, he’s always looked after himself so the indoors and human contact was something very new and frightening for him, so it’s taken some time to get him to this amazing stage. He’s improving daily and the progress is lovely to watch. He loves his foster human, he has lots of fusses and gives the best kisses! He rubs heads with you and has now learnt how to purr. He’s a very loving lad, he’ll pick cuddles over food any day (which is saying something because he eats a lot of food). He’s a very chatty boy, he talks to all the other surrounding cats and nags his foster human for attention. The other cats all seem to love him too, he must be very charming and is obviously very handsome. His very sweet and slightly girly meow just makes your heart melt. Busters only issue is trust, he won’t let his guard down to just anyone, which you can hardly blame him for. He needs an owner who’s willing to spend time and put in effort to show him he can trust you. He has got a handful of humans he gives snuggles to so an amazing relationship can definitely be created with this beautiful boy. Once a bond has been formed, we can assure you he’s going to be the biggest love bug there is! We just need a human with a big heart to come forward and offer this big softie a brilliant forever home. We feel young children and dogs might be too overwhelming for Buster to begin with, he would benefit more from a relaxed home where he can feel safe. No busy roads please and home checks and adoption fees apply.

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