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Tabby & white




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Beautiful Bumble came into SCRT as a scared feral who had been living her life on the streets, never having felt the warmth and comfort of a loving home. She gave birth to 5 gorgeous kittens whilst in our care who have all now been re-homed. Bumble has taken a while to trust humans but she’s made brilliant progress. She’s only approximately 2 years old and loves to play. She really lets her guard down when she’s chasing her favourite feather and ball around and really shows her kitten side. She charges around chasing all of her toys making the weirdest of indescribable noises, she sounds more like an excitable dog than a cat, it’s hard not to laugh at her. Her favourite toy is her cat nip mouse, she goes completely bonkers for it! We’ll often find her burying it in her bed and then later digging it back out. Bumble is still very wary of people though so isn’t comfortable with us stroking her just yet. This is something an understanding and patient owner would achieve once she’s settled into her new home though. She will approach people but prefers to do that at her own pace, and likes to just sit and watch you rather than having fuss at the moment, but she does love to play with you and if you’ve got a feather toy she’ll soon show you her kitten side. Bumble would love a home where she can explore the outdoors once she’s fully comfortable with her new owners in a minimum of 3 months, so no busy roads please. She would enjoy the company of other cats but as she’s quite nervous we think a home with no children would be best for her. Home checks and adoption fees apply

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