Bagheera Button (Baggy)

Affectionate Boy

Baggy is absolute dream of a cat when he’s got your sole attention. (he gets very jealous, hence the need to be in a single cat, no kid household)
He’s extremely affectionate and playful in equal measures. He loves to play fetch with pompoms and is a total lap cat between play sessions. He is very high energy and needs someone with time to invest in his play needs. He’s leash trained and loves going to places but it’s been a while since we last took him out so he might need some reintroducing.

He’s currently on crate rest for a snapped achilles heal tendon in his right leg. The tendon has mostly healed so he just needs the immobilisation pin removing and he’ll be recovered. Obviously there’s another period of short crate rest once he’s finished his final surgery. We really want to find him somewhere before his recovery in the crate is up as he’s become quite upset at the addition of our newborn and has gone for the baby a few times (swipe and snapped) so having him out if the crate will cause concern. He also is quite aggressive to our other cats and before his injury we were working on that bond but it’s all but gone now and they all just hiss at each other through the crate bars so having him come back with them isn’t a safe option either.

He’s exceptionally intelligent and has solved puzzles designed for German shepards!
He hates doors being closed on him but is a happy indoor cat as long as he has full roam of the house. He has been outside before but honestly just seemed to prefer being indoors. He only went out to go the toilet really.
He’s litter trained obviously but doesn’t like the wood pellet type of litter.

Big fan of cat milk.

Other than his leg there’s no other medical history

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