Pretty girl

Amber is a long haired Calico that came into rescue in May in a bit of state. When she arrived she had a handful of open wounds on her back which have now fully healed, for a while we thought she could be pregnant, but it turns out she is just a greedy guts!

She is an affectionate young lady and will confidently approach you for attention, she loves human interaction and playing with toys and is a fluff ball full of energy! However, Amber can become nervous unexpectedly sometimes which means that now and again she may warn you to leave her alone so that she can enjoy her own company. We think this is probably due to having a bad experience in the past, but once she learns to trust you she will always try to be in your company.

Because Amber can be unpredictable at times, it would not be appropriate for her to share a home with children, sadly, she also dislikes other animals in the home. We think an indoor home would be ideal for Amber, she loves the indoors and rarely shows any interest in the outside world.

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